TD University - ERE Office Suite and Cafe

Technology Forward – Adaptable Work Settings – Amenities Focused

I was hand selected by the TD Enterprise Real Estate team to renovate their office space on the first floor of TD University. The building features an abundance of custom design elements with a surprise at every turn. Our goal was to honor the idiosyncrasies of the building, while bringing a level of sophistication to the space.

This suite became a prototype for new ways of working in TD’s portfolio. There are no assigned seats, but lockers are available throughout the floor for convenience. Additionally, there are a variety of work settings including lounges, private phone booths, open desking, and several types of meeting rooms. The enclosed rooms were kept along the building core to ensure access to natural light was given equally to all employees. 

In addition to the ERE space, a “light touch” renovation of the building cafe was included in our scope.